Car Air Condition Repairs Offered to Customers Throughout Chester, Wirral, Warrington, Liverpool & North Wales.

You can rely on our expert team to repair your vehicle’s air conditioning. Proudly serving customers throughout Chester, our proficient team conduct a full assessment of your vehicle, including checking the gas and changing the pollen filter if necessary. For more details bout our services, please do not hesitate to contact our highly skilled team.

What We Do

Many aspects of your vehicle need to be checked in an assessment, including the gas and the cab blowers as well as checking all other components are working correctly. The system pressures are also checked for high and low readings, and digital thermometers are used to check the assess output temperatures. The refrigerant is removed from your vehicle’s system into a recovery bottle, and the refrigerant is then measured by weighing the contents with digital scales. After this, the unit is checked for leaks using a pressurised system with oxygen-free-nitrogen. If no leaks are found, the system is vacuumed to remove air and moisture. Oils are injected into the system to lubricate its components. To help detect any further leaks, ultra violet dyes can be injected into the system. A recharge system using R134A refrigerant is then inserted to suit the correct manufacturers specification. The system is then reassessed after this procedure has been completed, and the output temperature is also inspected. Depending on the age of the vehicle, additional changes are also required these include:

· Filter Drier Renewal 

· Pollen Filters

Filter driers and pollen filters are affordable and can be changed easily. Please note, both items need to be changed every 2 years. Our expert team are also R1234yf specialists, and we have lots of experience in working with these systems.

Why Are Air Conditioning Systems Important?

When a vehicle’s air conditioning system is working effectively, it means that you have a safer and more comfortable driving experience. A common misconception is that once fitted, a car air conditioning system will not deteriorate, however, the functionality of these systems can worsen with time. Air conditioning systems are fantastic for hot and humid days, but they are also effective in the colder months for visibility. The systems prevent your vehicle’s screen from misting as de-humidified air is passed over it.

Air Conditioning systems should be ‘exercised’ for at least 10 minutes a week as this enables the oil to reach all seals to prevent them from drying and shrinking. Doing this also helps to lubricate the moving parts of the compressor to avoid costly replacements and repairs.

Is Your Air Conditioning Failing to Provide its Original Freshness?

As your car air conditioning system ages, you may notice the freshness of the air provided deteriorating. Whenever your air conditioning is operating, moisture in the air condenses on the systems cold surfaces. Whilst most of this moisture drains harmlessly away, some of the moisture remains within the ventilation system after your A/C has been turned off. This residual moisture provides the ideal living environment for naturally occurring airborne fungal micro-organisms, mildew and mould.

Recent national media attention has been focused on a new driving phenomenon named 'Sick Car Syndrome' which scientists believe is caused by the build-up of bacteria. Trapped within the ventilation system, these colonies can combine to produce unpleasant odours and potentially flu-like symptoms.

Contact our proficient team about our car air condition repair service, which is available throughout Chester, Wirral, Warrington, Liverpool & North Wales, and includes changing your vehicle’s pollen filter.