An Expert Team Inspecting Car Air Condition Units in Chester, Wirral, Warrington, Liverpool & North Wales.

Using state of the art diagnostic equipment, our proficient team check your car’s air conditioning unit. Our fully automatic Texa Aircon Machine checks for leaks, and when a leak is discovered, our skilled engineers advise you on the cost-effective way to repair it. Proudly serving customers throughout Chester, please contact us for details about the solutions we offer.

Diagnostic Equipment

We have the latest diagnostics equipment available for most modern cars with ECU controlled climate control and air conditioning. Nowadays, the ECU needs resetting on cars as it enables the system to recognise that there is gas in it, and therefore turns the compressor on. This is vital as without it, the aircon fails to work. Plus, our skilled team reset the ECU at no extra cost to you! To find the leak as quickly as possible, we use oxygen free nitrogen (OFN) which finds any leaks in pipes, hoses and condensers. Our fully automatic Texa Aircon Machine looks for leaks as part of the service, and if a leak is found, our engineer can advise you on the best option to rectify the problem.

Contact our team to find out more about our Texa Aircon machine, and our air condition unit repair solution, which is the best repair service for customers in Chester, Wirral, Warrington, Liverpool & North Wales.